Voter Cafe


Voter Cafe is a civic engagement project focused on increasing transparency around U.S. election campaign financing. It provides users with basic information on their current representatives and in-depth information on their federal election candidates.

Voter Cafe is currently in a beta phase. The bigger goal of the project is to ultimately form into a one stop destitation for U.S. federal election information by the year 2020. If you are interested in contributing to this project, please use the contact page to get in touch.


Who is behind this project? Is there a political bias involved?

Voter Cafe is an entirely volunteer-based project not influenced by the agenda of any person or donor. It was created by Avisha Sabaghian. She is not an acitivist for a political party/idealogy nor funded by any interest group. She has taken special care to eliminate any potential informational bias in favor of a party or idealogy.

Voter Cafe simply provides users with unbiased objective data. Any conclusion or judgement derived from that data is solely the activity of the user.

What are the sources of your information?

Voter Cafe uses a variety of sources. These include ProPublica, The Center for Responsive Politics, U.S Census Bureau, Wikipedia, and

What is the methodology behind the campaign financing data?

All of the financial information on this website are retrieved from The Center for Responsive Politics. Please refer to their methodology page here for more detailed information.